About Us

The Harmony Medical Trust has come up from a idea of providing quality medical service to the greater Diaspora and especially the lower socio economic class of the  society. The idea was germinated a long time ago as the trustees are both accomplished, medical professionals. They have been all along practicing philanthropy and humanitarian service in their personal capacities ,to include treating patients free of cost at their hospitals, including surgical cases and also outstanding feats such as rushing to the affected area  and establishing a Gynecology care centre during the Bhuj Earthquake ,purely on volunteer basis.

To give a well defined shape to the noble ideas of community service and providing quality health care especially surgical facility the Harmony Medical Trust was founded and registered in 2007, with the venerable Doctor Couple Dr Avinash Phadnis and Dr Amita Phadnis as the trustees. To fructify the offering a public Private Partnership purely on charitable basis was entered into with the PMC .A first of its kind till date. This involved taking over of the state (PMC) owned Dr Dalvi Hospital, renovating it ,furnishing ,equipping and staffing it and finally running it as a full fledged Gynecology and maternity care hospital.



At this juncture the Harmony Medical Trust had NO funds other than the personal contributions of Dr Amitta and Avinash Phadnis. Perforce the venture was taken up and supported by their company Phadnis clinic Pvt Ltd. The Dalvi Hospital under the expert care and scrutiny of professionals rose to set bench marks which are yet unparalleled.  At an average the Dalvi Hospital was conducting approx 200 deliveries and surgeries each month catering to a vide spectrum of patients fro even distant geographical areas of Pune.

This stage it was purely the strong motivation of the trustees and their faith in the commitment to the welfare of the society that kept the good work going .The expenses to run the Dalvi Hospital from own resources only did cost upwards of Rs 150 Million an year, which was spent mainly on salaries for the staff , purchase of specialty medicines and  surgical from the market. Added to this was the responsibility of delivering all the Government run health care programs with little or no support from the state.


After rendering yeoman service for 7 years the Public Private Partnership on charitable terms was finally dissolved as it became financially unviable to continue, all expenses being from private funds only.


Having accomplished this feat, the trustees have now the confidence of maximizing the scale of such operations under the aegis of the Harmony Medical trust. Accordingly an 80 G Registration was  obtained for accepting donations. Since then the trust capability and faith in doing the good work has  gone on from strength to strength and has occasion to look back only with pride on its excellent track record of services.